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Changing the Face of Beauty:
Royal European Beauty


Royal European Beauty, your trusted partner in skincare, electrolysis hair removal, and laser cosmetics, is introducing a new experience. Our new website, designed to reflect our dedicated commitment to uncompromising quality and professional expertise, is coming soon. Located in the heart of Cocoa Village, FL, we’re putting our years of experience and deep-seated passion for skincare right at your fingertips.

Centered around our unique offering, Corina’s Natural FaceLift Therapy, our services redefine beauty and aging. They both correct signs of mature skin and protect younger skin, engaging facial muscles much like a workout, through micro-electrical muscle stimulation. This core philosophy fuels our desire to provide excellence in all we do, seeking to be a sanctuary of serenity and comfort in the lives of our clients.

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Embrace the Royal European Beauty journey today. Discover how our signature treatments, grounded in the art of natural beauty and corrective science, can transform your skincare routine. Stay abreast of our launch and be the first to experience a world where age is but a number, and true beauty is timeless.